Welcome to the podcast that the industry's been missing for decades. Join Renée-Marie Stephano, CEO of Global Healthcare Resources and Co-founder of HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®, as she dives deep into the extraordinary developments within healthcare, benefits, wellness, insurance, self-funding, and medical tourism. Hear from the industry pioneers that are paving the way for the prospective future.

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Welcome toRenée-Marie Stephano’s
Who is Renée-Marie Stephano?


Source of Facts

The podcast is an easily accessible source of facts and highly regarded opinions, heard directly from the guest.

Solution Oriented

There are no filters, no editors, and no rehearsed answers. It is real, topical, and as solution-oriented as it gets.

Easy Accesible

Listeners can access the show from more than 6 platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher!

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