About Global Healthcare Resources

Global Healthcare Resources is an international solutions firm providing strategic execution within the industries of global healthcare, employer healthcare, medical tourism, wellness tourism, self-insurance, and corporate wellness. Global Healthcare Resources meets hundreds of thousands of professionals with thought leadership through more than a decade of its associations, trade events, certifications, publications, cited research, and collaborated content. Reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals, GHR is a custom-tailored consulting firm with the ability to augment the strategy and scale growth of any business in the field.

Global Healthcare Resources is considered the leading education, and consulting firm in workplace safety, healthcare, and well-being, as well as international healthcare, investment, and technology services.

GHR is a woman-owned small business and serves as the consortium partner for Global Healthcare Accreditation’s government and agency consultative services, bringing over two decades of thought leadership and industry brand recognition in the workplace wellness space and international healthcare space through management consulting, publications, academia, and major educational events worldwide.

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Co-founder and CEO
Renée-Marie Stephano
Chairman and Co-founder
Jonathan Edelheit

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