The Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA) is an international non-profit dedicated to providing education in health, wellness, and chronic disease prevention and management.

CHWA educates employers and employees in how to reduce negative behavior and improve lifestyle choices that negatively impact health, productivity, and well-being.

CHWA connects hundreds of thousands of B2B professionals across the globe, pooling collective experience to curate the most comprehensive, responsive information and data available.

CHWA provides wellness training and certification programs for Employers, Insurance Companies and professionals both online through our learning management system and live at organizations’ on-site locations across the country, as well as at our annual conferences. CHWA provides certifications for Human Resources, as well as fitness and nutrition specialists.

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Corporate Wellness Network


The Corporate Health & Wellness Association is the nation’s largest, leading non-profit in wellness and well-being. As global influencers in corporate wellness and well-being, we focus on improving the health of our partners and their teams through innovative health solutions. The association provides education to create the most successful corporate wellness programs. Our belief that health and wellness is the core foundation to a successful career allows us to create a vibrant and open arena for discussion, dialogue and debate.

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Corporate Wellness Education


Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association.

CCWS is a digital course for anyone interested in wellness, and especially those corporate well-being professionals, that gives you all the knowledge that the industry holds and the designation that your peers respect.

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Corporate Wellness Publication


Corporate Wellness Magazine (CWM) is the industry’s leading source for content in the corporate well-being and wellness space. Established in 2010, the magazine has been circulated by print and digital means to C-Suite executives and HR professionals across the world, and especially in the United States. CWM is the official publication of Corporate Health & Wellness Association.

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