Our Response to COVID-19

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has struck the world by surprise in a way that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. For those of us that are aware of global news, we see that this is truly an unprecedented tragedy that has engulfed most countries around the world. Our hearts are heavy as we hear about the ongoing impact.

We are wishing the endurance to get through this to all of our partners, clients, customers, affiliates –– all of your families –– and the rest of the world.

Keeping You Informed

Global Healthcare Resources in collaboration with Corporate Health & Wellness Association has built, and is continuing to building, educational resources surrounding coronavirus and especially as it pertains to employers. Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training is a certificate course for employers and employees to have the knowledge of what this virus is, what’s to come of it, and how it will effect the workplace. The educators include world-renowned infectious disease experts, legal experts, healthcare professionals, and more.

Serving Our Clients

We know that there’s a global shortage on medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), so we have made a concerted effort to build a reliable supply chain of medical gear and equipment, from medical gowns and masks to ventilators and thermal scanners. Global Healthcare Resources is working with various governments and healthcare providers globally to acquire vital gear for a variety of professionals and persons. Should you need help acquiring medical supplies, you can reach us by filling out an inquiry here.

Our organizations are continuing to operate and are working to bring forth value through content and consulting and solutions that provide an answer to the tough questions during these tough times.

Supporting Our Nation

Global Healthcare Resources in collaboration with Corporate Health & Wellness Association through Angels Overseas has recently begun a charity campaign to raise $500,000 to purchase medical gear for healthcare professionals: Fund the Frontlines.

We will be identifying hotspots around the country and with each milestone reached we will supply PPE to a healthcare provider or local government.

You can get involved and make a difference by pledging $25 to supply a healthcare worker with a one-week supply of personal protective equipment. Make a donation today at: https://fundthefrontlines.org

During this trying time, we recognize that the world has left many tragically effected. Most of all, we are thinking of you and your families as you navigate through the impacts of this pandemic. We hope you are safe and healthy.

–– The Team at Global Healthcare Resources